Terms & Conditions

BhaiOnline Terms and Conditions

 1. Introduction

– These terms and conditions govern the complete usage of our collective platforms, including the ordering, payments, delivery and returns of products or services as provided by BhaiOnline.

– BhaiOnline allows our users to purchase a wide range of products and services including personal hygiene items, consumable items, household items, home services and more, these items will be categorised within our platforms for your convenience.

– Geographical information supplied for the purpose of delivery and/or collection of goods must fall within the geographical parameters of the Republic of South Africa.

– BhaiOnline permits the usage of its platforms subject to the unconditional acceptance of all terms and conditions, by using our platforms users will be deemed to have understood and accepted all terms and conditions. Should users not agree with any of our terms and conditions, they should refrain from using any of our platforms.

2. Registration and use of our platforms

– Only registered users may actively utilise the full scope of our product(s) or/and services

– In order to register as a user, you must be create an account. This account will require specific personal information to be given to us to process your application as a new user.

– You will be required to create an account user-name and specific password, this information will grant you access to start engaging in business with us.

– You warrant that your user-name and password will be:

1. Used only for personal use

2. Not shared by you to any third party

– Upon logging into any of our platforms, you are responsible for entering the correct user-name and password, the failure of which will result in the denial of access on any or all of our platforms.

– You agree that, once the correct user-name or password relating to your account is entered and accepted by our platforms, irrespective if this is unauthorized or fraudulent, that you will be held liable for the payment of any and all purchases/orders made.

– It is your responsibility to notify us immediately should you suspect fraudulent activity pertaining to your BhaiOnline account.

– By using our platform, you warrant that you are over the age of eighteen (18) years.

3. Availability of stock and conclusion of sales

 Registered users may place orders for products or/and services, which BhaiOnline may accept or reject dependent on the availability of products or/and services from our suppliers and/or service providers.

 – A order may be cancelled provided that a delivery or dispatched notice has not been issued to you via any/all of our platforms. Should you wish to cancel an order after being notified of delivery or dispatch a return claim must be made by you.

– Placing goods in your wish-list or shopping cart does not constitute in a legitimate sale or agreement by BhaiOnline to you. Only purchases/orders with a payment conformation will be seen as a valid contract between BhaiOnline and you as a client of the platform.

– You acknowledge that pricing in products and/or services may increase at any time without prior notice to you.

4. Payments

 – BhaiOnline is committed to safe online payments, all online payments are encrypted using the appropriate technologies.

– BhaiOnline accepts the following forms of payment(s):

1. Instant EFT payments

2. Cash on collection (This excludes delivery out of our business premises)

3. Debit Card (additional information will be required before acceptance of payment method)

5. Delivery of Goods

 You may select one of two delivery options:

1. Delivery to a provided address

2. Self-collection at our business premises

3. Courier to a provided address (This option might incur extra costs to customers)

– BhaiOnline will deliver products and/or services which are paid for within a reasonable time frame, but no later than a 30 day period of order and payment acceptance.

– All orders for delivery must contain an address within the geographical scope of the Republic of South Africa.

– BhaiOnline’s contractual obligation to you is fulfilled once delivery has taken place to the address nominated by the client. We will take no responsibility for loss/damage of goods or use by unauthorised person(s) once the product(s)/ service has been delivered as per the particular order.

– We shall take all reasonable efforts to accurately describe products, their price, availability and delivery charges on any products or services on our platform. In the event of any errors on any/all of our platforms which is not due to gross negligence on our behalf, we are removed from any form of liability.

6. Changes to Terms and Conditions

 – BhaiOnline, at our own discretion, may change and update any of our terms and conditions. It is your responsibility as a user of our platform to regularly stay updated pertaining the terms and conditions of BhaiOnline.

– Notifications of changes to terms and conditions will be displayed on any/all of our platforms, should you continue to utilise our platforms you will have been deemed to accept all of the changes to our terms and conditions.

– Should you be dissatisfied with any change to terms and conditions, please refrain from placing

orders or using the BhaiOnline platforms.

7. Disclaimer

 The use of our platforms or reliance of information from our platforms are completely at your own risk, you take full responsibility for usage of our platforms, products and services.



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